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Ieva Dubova ''Avu Avu'' - a mystifying piano endeavor

Artists are known for going out of their way into the murky waters in pursuit of originality and authenticity. Ieva Dubova's ''Avu Avu'' is a piano piece that represents that kind of chase, as healthy or destructive as that chase may be.

While we don't know what kind of sorcery exactly was used to make the recording sound the way it does, it is safe to say that a form of (un)holy powers was at play. While the melodic element of the composition is quite intentionally simple, it is the recording that shines and glows and shivers in a way that will cultivate your soul. It is as if the piano was played in a room filled with highly sensitive bells and other twinkly instruments being triggered by every smallest sound vibration coming out from the piano - mesmerizing, eerie and almost tangible. There's of course still a chance Ieva Dubova is an actual fairy, or at least we can't prove that not being true.

Enjoy this innovative piece of piano music at the link below:


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