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Hugar "Stars As Eyes Rework": The sound of a million galaxies in a nod to existence

Icelandic duo from from Seltjarnarnes, just outside of Reykjavík, Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson present a rework of Robot Koch's Stars As Eyes.

Slow and unassuming, “Stars as Eyes Rework” is delicate as soft piano notes introduce the piece with an innocent and somber character. There is a whirring ambience that grows behind the piano notes to transition the song into its next movement, an ethereal moment. The piano notes become sprinkled, dancing in the spacious soundscape of the composition. The piece offers an eerie calmness in its vast reach and openness. The song feels unbounded and expressive in an emotional and thoughtful way that is rich in beauty.

Experience “Stars as Eyes Rework” here:


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