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Hugar ''Reykjavík'' - pure sound of Iceland

Icelandic duo Hugar has recently released an illusive neoclassical piece entitled ''Reykjavik'', catering to all your highest expectations for the Nordic sound, and beyond.

Each country has something distinct in their sound and while modern day has inevitably caused those distinctions to intertwine more than ever, there is something about the music coming out of Iceland that can't be mistaken for anything else. ''Reykjavik'', written for piano and expanded with ambient backdrops, is a prime example of such sound. One would be inclined to say that the music is melancholic, however the delivery and spirit of the music is all too soaked to be just that. There is something wonderfully distant about the little island in the north, its whaling winds combined with the most mesmerizing of landscapes, as well as its cozily small population - Iceland carries a similar kind of magic to Japan, only instead of all the flashing tabloids and cartoons, it offers a sky full of stars and northern lights. All of these qualities are richly represented in ''Reykjavik'', its thoughtful, loving piano melody and a deep, caring ambient background bringing you the best of the Icelandic vibes.

Wonderfully simple and a pure joy to the ear. Glow up below:


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