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Holy Colors ''She Waits By Water'' - hypnotizing instrumental dream straight from Miami

An artist that definitely wins the title of coolest artist name of the week - Holy Colors - is a solo project out of Miami ran by a lad called Gabe M. His recent release ''She Waits By Water'' is a chill piece of instrumental music that is as simple as it is expensive and captivating.

Written on two jazzy guitar chords, the song vibes like an episode from a dream. With peculiar ambient and spoken-word elements lingering in the back it is hypnotizing to say the least. Even though the song is just short of three minutes, it feels more as if it had no start or ending - it is a living element that is always present, though not always detected in a world crammed with distractions. The music is charming with it's seeming simplicity, while the intricate detail holds a big promise and makes you wonder - what is next?

We can't wait to hear more from Holy Colors and invite you to listen to ''She Waits By Water'' at the link below:


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