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Hipster Pug "For the One who Overcome Fear": True love is easy and unafraid

Hey there, beautiful loner, how are you? It's a wicked world, isn't it? I know, it can be a lot. Just breathe, alright? You got this. Oh but you do. Keep going and growing and listening and loving and doing and resting and dreaming and yes loving again and feeling everything ever so intensely.

This recent release by a Dutch artist Hipster Pug entitled "For The One Who Overcome Fear" is one of those tunes that - with the strength of it's intent - throw me into a slam-poetry mode, as you witnessed above. Ambient down to the core and beyond, this captivating piece lingers on angelic synth keys supported by distant scoops and sweeps, which although somewhat ghostly, have nothing but pure goodness at heart. This here is a prime example of how important an intent is to the weight of an artistic endeavor. Beware, listening to this track may have you breaking down in tears of relief (not that it happened to me, no, no not all).

Healing with it's honesty and as easy as true love itself, here's "For The One Who Overcome Fear":



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