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Highland Park Sleep Collective ''Purple Part A'' - the gods of binaural waves have spoken

Attention! Immersive ambient just got a new MVP! Brought to you by Highland Park Sleep Collective, ''Purple Part A'' is an ambient/drone masterpiece, exhibiting the highest knowledge and understanding of not just the music genre, but the very science of frequencies and binaural waves as well.

From the first second on, the music is nothing but pure delight, every frequency tailored and tweaked to not just please your ear, but get past it and literally evoke the feeling of your brain getting a top-dollar massage from an angel. Although almost five minutes long, the duration of this track goes entirely unnoticed as it hypnotizes the listener into an ecstatic state, leaving the listener soaked in senses of peace, love, clarity and appreciation.

Mind-blowing and mind-centering all at once. Treat yourself while it's free:


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