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Hideyuki Hashimoto ''Voyage'' - piano that lives, breaths and dreams

Hideyuki Hashimoto, who is a well renowned Japanese pianist once before featured on our blog, is returning with a graceful piano composition entitled ''Voyage''.

Recorded with plenty of close-mics, the simple melodic element rests on a accession of chords that fall somewhere between jazz and pop, pleasing the ear with subtle familiarity. Played with loads of emotion, the pianist captures a calming, dreamy mood and maintains it effortlessly all throughout this wonderful piano piece. The very live recording, with all the mechanics of the piano available to the ear, puts the listener in the room together with Hideyuki, creating a magical kind of intimacy.

We love Japan, we love piano and we love Hideyki Hashimoto's approach to it. Ease your mind at the link below:


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