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Hideyuki Hashimoto "Shin": One more star the the already rich sky of this pianist.

Not many names in the neoclassical genre get me anywhere near as excited as Hideyuki Hashimoto - an artist who keeps delivering absolutely mesmerizing, otherworldly yet no short of approachable compositions time after time.

His most recent release "Shin" signifies the already well-established and distinct sound of this pianist with a composition that is in equal portion light and monumental. Played in pianissimo all the way through the music captures a meditative and lulling mood, which this composer seems to be made of. Beautifully recorded with plenty of close mics the recording places the listener right at the edge of the instrument allowing you to enjoy - and almost touch - every note of this pearl of a composition.

Never even a single moment of doubt about this artist, here's "Shin":



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