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Hideyuki Hashimoto "Koto": A humbling, masterful piano tale.

Hideyuki Hashimoto is one of those names that catches our eye from a mile away. We've grown so keen of this Japanese pianist's compositions, it's not a question of whether or not we are publishing his every new release, it is a question on when and to what extent.

"Koto", which according to Google-translate is 'thing' in Japanese, is certainly a humble understatement given the undeniable charm and delicate beauty of the song. Then again, Japanese have been known for their humble ways, which does explain the song title partially, but then again. What the listener is granted is a universe that is true and surreal in equal portions, delivered by one madly talented pianist on a piano recorded at the highest level - all of the shimmers of the mechanics of the body of the instrument available to pick along with its lulling, fairy-talesque melodic effort.

Anothe outstanding example of the brilliance of this rising star in the neoclassical piano scene. Here's "Koto":


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