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Hideyuki Hashimoto "Iki": Collectible neoclassical from the master.

Hideiki Hashimoto is one of those names that gives you goosebumps before you even press play. And here he is again, delighting audiences with his immense musical talent. The Japanese pianist is a rising star of the neoclassical genre and this, dear readers, could not be more justified.

"Iki" enters easily and smoothly, slightly shy and not rushing anywhere. This composition is a musician's revelation in music. It is something very personal and special, because that is the only way to explain the tenderness and care that the composer puts into the composition. The notes are long and light, and you feel the author playing with all your body and soul. You feel it all the way through the two and a half minutes of the composition. Get in touch with beauty, because Hideiki Hashimoto is a real find in the neoclassical genre, and his works are bound to become favourites in your playlist.

Such beautiful compositions are few and far between; they are something of a collector's item. So don't get lost and enjoy the professionals of the music business:


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