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Hideyuki Hashimoto "breath": an euphoric piano masterpiece

Hideyki Hashimoto is one of those names that by now gives us goosebumps before we even hit the play button. The Japanese pianist is a rising star in the neoclassical genre and that, dear readers, could not be more justified.

"breath" begins subtly, almost shy, it's bright, lingering notes making their way to your ears with the same kind of elegance as the rays of morning sun do - gentle, yet unstoppable. Past a picturesque intro, the pianist soon begins to give the piece form and shape, his right hand expanding the glowing aspect of the song with a beautifully intense melodic element, while his left hand lays a soul-stirring, musically clever accompaniment. You can almost see the pianist playing with the entirety of his body, becoming one with the instrument to deliver what we believe is one of the greatest piano performances of the decade. Peaking in emotion, yet somehow still calm and very confident, the pianist seems to emulate the existence at large, armed with just one instrument, an undeniable talent and all of that in just three and a half minutes.

With compositions so stunningly bright, it is safe to say mister Hashimoto has the brightest future in front him and we can't wait to hear how he translates it onto a piano. For now, here's "breathe":


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