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Helen Keeling-Marston "Woolgathering": Relaxing dose

"Woolgathering" by Helen Keeling-Marston, a contemporary classical composer from Hampshire, UK.

The microphone is positioned close to the instrument, resulting in a piano that sounds very natural and lively. "Woolgathering" is performed in the best traditions of the neoclassical genre.

The composition lasts two minutes and eighteen seconds, and at such a length the author managed to divide it into an introduction, a climax and an ending.

The song helped me to relax, even in the middle of the day when there is still much to do and see, but after listening to "Woolgathering" several times in a row I almost fell asleep, my pulse slowed down, and I wanted to hurry back to bed to recover my physical and mental state and just rest from everything.

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