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Hari Nandu "Sedona": Bass guitar virtuoso.

Introducing the composition "Sedona" by Hari Nandu.

Hari Nandu is a solo electric bassist living in the heart of Manhattan's Lower East Side. Hari's style combines elements of jazz and classical music, drawing inspiration from artists such as Michael Manring, Damian Coccio, Jeff Schmidt and Jesus Rico Perez. Playing both the five-string bass and the fretless Zon Hyperbass, Hari's solo compositions are exciting and energetic.

The composition "Sedona" is an example of how it is possible to compose music on bass guitar and create a unique atmosphere with the help of this instrument. The author demonstrates virtuoso mastery of the instrument and knowledge of the principles of composition at the highest level. This will be a great addition to our playlist! Recommended!

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