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Haraldur Thrastarson ''Eitt'': the sonic soul of Iceland.

Shaped by extreme weather, glaciers, geysers and volcanic activity, Iceland is not the country that resembles any other country in the world. Enter the world of Haraldur Thrastarson, an Icelandic composer and sound designer based in Berlin. The music piece with the title “Eitt” invites you to enter the mysterious Icelandic soul.

Beautiful yet harsh, “Eitt” with its soft piano lurs you into a “fly-over-the-landscape” experience while harmoniously introducing strings that remind you of the dangers hiding behind the wonderous beauty of the country. “Eitt” resembles the sunrise over the cliffs at Latrabjarg, with its black-sand beaches and endless lava fields. The place where ocean meets the rock. Where the wave is born and dies in the endless circle, crushing into billion pieces illuminated by the rising islandic sun. Glorious Icelandic wilderness, so unusual and special, so untouched by humans, opens right in front of us in the “Eitt”. Here standing on top of the cliffs, gazing at the endless life and death of the oceans wave, crushing against the cliffs, one asks oneself whether I am alone in World, or one with its nature.

Embrace the beauty of the Icelandic nature and its loudest notes harmoniously coming into a melody describing Icelandic essence in the “Eitt” by Haraldur Thrastarson.


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