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Guillem S. Benet "Luxembourg": Uncharted horizons of the neoclassical.

Catalan minimalist pianist Guillem S. Benet works in many musical genres, such as classical, neoclassical, ambient and new age.

Introducing his latest musical work entitled "Luxembourg".

With each note, using the pianistic keyboard, Guillem S. Benet immerses us in an emotional maelstrom, penetrating deeper and deeper into our essence. Complexity and harmony intertwine to create a captivating musical canvas. The melodic phrases mesmerise us with their subtlety and delicacy, like strings covered in dew at dawn. "Luxembourg" reminds us of the power of music to create a connection between our emotions and the world, opening unexplored horizons and celebrating the beauty of life.

It's the perfect addition to your relaxation playlist, and you'll get not only peace, but also a big dose of static and the desire to listen to it again.

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