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Guillem S. Benet "Barcelona (Solo Piano Version)": Aesthetically pleasing and graceful piano.

Catalan minimalist pianist Guillem S. Benet works in many musical genres such as classical, neoclassical, ambient and new age. He graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música Isaac Albéniz (Girona) as a pianist. He is a pianist, composer, teacher, economist and a great lover of travelling the world. His travels allow him to see the world differently, to see it from a more human point of view and above all to be inspired.

We present his composition "Barcelona (Solo Piano Version)".

An excellent piano piece with a very virtuoso performance. The composer feels and pitches every note, thus emphasising his skill and mastery of the instrument.

There is a mixed feeling of sadness and hope in the composition. The composition brings a good dose of aesthetic pleasure, which is sure to please fans of the neoclassical genre!

This is where the aesthetics are hidden:


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