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Guardians of Sleep "Remains of the day": Great ambient for relaxation.

Updated: Feb 28

Introducing the Guardians of Sleep music collection from composer Andrew Braun. The compositions are based on a gentle, inquisitive piano, surrounded by a tapestry of electronics and samples. Each track uses contemporary musical forms, ripping sounds and twisting notes to convey the touching emotional arc of living in a dream.

The recently released single "Remains of the day" is a fine example of quietly beautiful ambient. This work demonstrates a deep understanding of the genre and shows the talent and skill of the composer. From the very beginning of the work, the listener is immersed in gentle and atmospheric music, and it allows him to relax and escape from everyday worries. The composition has a slow tempo, which creates a feeling of smoothness and tranquillity. The sound of the music is very soft and pleasing to the ear, which helps the listener to fully immerse themselves in the piece and feel all its beauty. The song is also great for meditation, "Remains of the day" can create the right atmosphere and state of mind for the listener.

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