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Greg Kozakiewicz ''Last Dream'' - a dramatic neoclassical episode

Greg Kozakiewicz is a Polish neoclassical composer based in Scotland, who has released an ever-evolving, dramatic neoclassical episode entitled ''Valerie and threw a couple surprises in there too.

Subtly starting with sounds of waves hitting the shore atop of a dramatic piano, the lead is soon taken by a brief, spoken word verse, posing the listener with the ultimate question - what's gonna happen next? At this point, the composer begins to build the intensity of the piece, elaborating on the piano theme as well as inviting an elegant and appropriately dramatic string section, along with a distant (and perhaps unnecessary?) element of percussion. Suddenly, the vocals return with another poetry slam, which quite funnily we first deciphered to be ''love, coke, freedom, faith, magic, joy, health, force'', only to realize later the drug reference is non-existent and what is actually in the lyrics is hope, not coke. Was the listener given the answer to the initial question? Are all these things to come after a bad dream? Or is it just another dream, within the original one? Inception.

Dramatic, original and interesting, with a good artistic idea, but perhaps lacking the last bit execution, check it out:


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