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Glowworm "A Late Arrival": A fulfilling ambient experience

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Glowworm is an American ambient artist, who's work we feel lucky to have come across before, and who yesterday released a stunner of a composition entitled "A Late Arrival", as a part of the album crisply named "Midnight Intervals".

From the very first bars it is evident that the composer has put immense amounts of thought into his creation. Luring you on on whispering drones and shimmering distant mechanical sounds, the piece paints an intricate and intimate picture, one that is complete with a story, but also one that is abstract enough for you to choose your own characters and plot. Then, ever so gracefully, Glowworm begins to invite piano, strings and a wide array of ambient backing sounds, all of which are soaked in light, beauty, true expression and a calming kind of euphoria. Rushing nowhere, the artist confidently elaborates on the strikingly liberating core of this tune for almost four-and-a-half minutes, much as the dense pure beauty packed into this tune compels you to forget about the notion of time.

If the rest of the album is even a fraction as captivating as this tune, then I want it in every format available: digital, vinyl, CD and tape inclusive, as well as live in my kitchen, where I'm currently seated.

Pure, masterful, complete - here's "A Late Arrival":


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