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Giovanni Piacentini "Suite Montebello: II. Tisu": Virtuoso guitar for the evening.

Introducing the talented composer Giovanni Piacentini and his composition "Suite Montebello: II. Tisu."

Forbes Magazine recently noted that Giovanni "pays homage to the important cultural heritage of Western music" and has established himself as a significant voice in Latin American classical music. Arkiv magazine described Piacentini's playing as "displaying degrees of refinement and control that cannot help but mark him as a virtuoso." His music has been performed by some of the world's greatest instrumentalists, such as classical guitarist Eliot Fisk, the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet, the Lyris String Quartet, violinists Tim Fain and Movses Poghosyan, and many others.

The composition "Suite Montebello: II. Tisu" is sure to please fans of good classical guitar music. The mastery of the instruments is at a very high level. Everything is perfect with the dynamics and the overall mood of the composition. It will be a great addition to the "Guitar Evening" playlist:


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