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Gino Pavan x Guido Frezzato ''Transition'' - an intensely vivid trip

Gino Pavan and Guido Frezzato are two Italian artists, who have recently released a highly intricate and intense neoclassical/drone experiment that's bound to get your inner eye open and your heart rate pacing.

Appropriately entitled ''Transition'', the music immerses the listener from the get go, pulling one in into a tunnel of phasing synth drones and strings, magnified by an occasional deep drum. Moving faster than the speed of light the track eventually clicks onto sonic rails signified by a beat, creating a feeling of safety in an otherwise intense environment. Just when the trip begins to feel like too much, the music cuts through to another dimension, one where no demands are made and the listener is left to breathe and contemplate at peace, afloat on their own spirit.

We'd be surprised if a fair amount of acid is not a part of the story here. Buckle up and take a ride:


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