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Gifts From Crows "Remembering Who And What We Are (Redux)" - a dreamy, empowering piece

Remembering Who And What We Are (Redux)” is a truly breathtaking gift from Gifts From Crows, with it's rich and dreamy composition.

Setting the backdrop with the sound of strings, the piano says the first words calling for attention, and the listener is drawn in to give it just that. It's delicate piano melody serenades the listener while delicate yet deliberate layers of strings dance carefully around the leading hand of the piano. In ode to it's title, this song’s contemplative tone takes the listener on a self reflective journey, leading them on a wandering and relaxing stroll through their own mind. The expanding and contracting contrasts push and pull the listener in a strong, yet comforting way. The mountain top of the song elicits chills as the strings intertwine with the swirling notes of the piano, making themselves known, creating a more defined duet. Finally, the strings melt away as the piano melody leads the listener towards the end. This track offers a deep breath to close the piece with a bed of silence after the last note is struck, leaving the listener to their thoughts and wants by a song so divinely encompassing.

As inspiring and empowering as it is soothing and sweet, listen to this rich melody here:


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