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Gifts From Crows "As Nature Returns": a composition of gentle empowerment

In a place where musical composition and visual interpretation meet, Gifts From Crows presents a sweet piano and string piece, inspired by re-evaluating our relationship with nature and the resilience of nature as humankind temporarily recedes entitled, “As Nature Returns,” in collaboration with photographer, Angel Burt.

Tender and graceful, the piano notes fall to create the introduction of this piece as a careful string backdrop is hung delicately around the piano. Whimsical and dreamy, this piece soars with climbing and determined notes that are uplifting and wondrous in their splendour. While steady and persistent, each note in the melody dances dutifully, yet not robotically but with exquisite grace. Presenting a song of hope, beauty, and strength during turbulent times, the composition mimics the wonder of nature and its ability to heal in a gorgeous neoclassical arrangement.

Watch this beautiful piano and string movement here:

Listen to this beautiful piano and string movement here:


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