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Giannis Venizelos "Last touch": The guitar has a special soul.

We present to your attention a composition titled "Last touch" by Giannis Venizelos.

Giannis Venizelos is a guitarist, composer and producer from Athens, Greece. He started studying guitar at the age of ten and completed his studies in the class of Nikos Manitaras (Athens Conservatory), receiving a diploma in classical guitar in 2004. He holds diplomas in music theory (harmony, counterpoint, fugue technique) from the National Conservatory of Greece and a diploma in composition from the Orfeion Conservatory of Athens. He has also taken lessons in jazz electric guitar, jazz harmony and accordion.

From the very first chords, "Last Touch" freezes in the air like the last brushstroke of an artist completing his masterpiece. This musical painting unfolds before the listener as a frozen moment in time, where each guitar string becomes a pen that leaves incredible melodic strokes on the canvas of imagination. The melody is easy to remember and immediately evokes the feeling that the author has put his soul into it. This is a real find for our playlist!

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