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Gianluca Piacenza "Photograph": A milestone.

Gianluca Piacenza is a name we are always excited to see returning - this Italian pianist didn't only charm us at our first encounter, but has been evolving into an artist worth not just ours - but a praise of many.

His recently released "Photograph" - other than being a piano marble in itself - sound a lot like a milestone in the composer's catalogue. Delivered with mastery, the right hand plays a a melancholic melody in piano, while a left hand compliments beautifully with a pianissimo accompaniment - both intertwining in a heavenly manner to produce a musical piece that soothes, caresses and tell a story while at it. As if the music itself wasn't enough, Gianluca went an extra mile to record this piece on analogue tape with vintage amps and mics, giving the recording a warm and expensive sound.

Art like this is much better consumed than spoken of, for true art it is. Enjoy:


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