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Gianluca Piacenza ''Before All This'' - the most lovable kind of intruder

Gianluca Piacenza has become one of our regularly featured pianists - and that's for a good reason. His recent ambient piano endeavor is yet another gem adding to the already rich backlog of this Italian talent.

Beautifully recorded with just the right amount of reverb and ASMR-like sounds of the mechanics of the piano instrument, the piece wanders in like a stunning stranger into your domain - uncompromising, undemanding and so very easily lovable. Polite and gentle, it continues to parade across, so light it challenges the gravity and almost levitates. Experienced in his craft, the composer throws in a smooth elaboration on the lulling main theme, expanding the portrait of the entity represented in this composition.

Charming through the roof, the most lovable kind of intruder:


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