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Ghost Coast Choir "Soldier": A harmonious marriage of classical choir and electronic ambience

While pairing electronic manipulations, guitar effects pedals, and vintage tape machines to classical choir, Danish indie-choir orchestra, Ghost Coast Choir, “invites the listener into a new sound in choral music” with their debut-single, “Soldier”.

Low tones that resonate in your chest begin the piece before guitar strings glisten as their notes are strummed. A full choir adds their vocals with soothing round tones, mellow and smooth like thick honey. The clarity and wholeness of the vocal sound is filling and overwhelming in a pleasingly emotional way, with its extreme beauty. The instrumental aspects of the piece allow the vocals to be the main focus while decorating and accenting them, the Ghost Choir. Peaceful, calming, and shockingly beautiful, this choir arrangement will bring that full concert sound with a fresh delivery right to you, wherever you are.

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