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George Bokaris "Brugmansia Tea (Transcendence 2)": Duo of strings and piano.

The composition "Brugmansia Tea (Transcendence 2)" by George Bockaris is brought to your attention.

George Bockaris is an Australian composer. His music is a magnification of the human struggle, a reflection on the paths of evolution that led to our own creation. He is inspired by writers such as Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf, as well as the endless disappearances of life and love that surround us every day.

The composition is built around piano and stringed instruments. The piano begins its narrative like the first chapter of a great book. Its keys sounded swift and exciting, giving the atmosphere of the composition a slight note of hopelessness. This was the beginning of the journey. Then the stringed instruments joined him, like characters entering the stage. They enriched the musical text with deep emotions and melodic beauty. It was as if they were telling their story, their feelings, as if they were invading the deepest corners of the soul. The composition lasts only two minutes and thirty seconds, but there is so much energy and passion in it!

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