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Garry DW Judd x Peter Cigleris "Electric Nocturne No. 27": A masterful neoclassical lullaby.

Garry DW Judd, who's a well-renowned composer out of UK has won our hearts with his recent collaboration with Peter Cigleris in a wondrous neoclassical tranquilizer entitled "Electric Nocturne No. 27".

Introducing itself on a piano and a clarinet, the composition instantly screams class and musical prowess. Intertwining beautifully with each other, the two instruments brush up against notes and scales found in classical, jazz and cinematic music, all elegantly combined into a complete and unshaken listening experience. The two musicians have without a doubt mastered each their own instrument many times over, delivering the music with elegance, feeling and pure skill. Immersive from the first bar and throughout its entire duration, the piece hypnotizes, soothes and heals the soul of the listener, who - in my case at least - ends up feeling a bit light-headed and blessed by the end of it.

Truly a delight with an infinite appeal. Enjoy at the link up above.


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