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G.Lazer "Lookout Hill": Cinematic piano.

G.Lazer is an American pianist and music producer based in Brooklyn, New York.

His fascinating musical work is "Lookout Hill".

"Lookout Hill" is a clear, finely written piano piece, crossing over somewhere on the neo-classical level. This eclectic, tastefully written composition develops patiently - its melodic element is clean and confident. The work perfectly conveys autumnal melancholy through G.Lazer's piano playing. With a picturesque change of theme, long enough, the track also proves to be musically complete and purposeful - the opposite of what we know as a "filler song". A slight hint of cinematic drama gives the composition a special charm, which gives the listening experience of the movie around us, a movie called "life". "Lookout Hill" will be a real jewel for your playlist.

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