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GéNIA "Prana": Virtuosic, calm piano.

We present to your attention the composition "Prana" by the talented performer GéNIA from the UK.

(Described by The Times as an "outstanding musician", a musical enigma, a Ukrainian-born concert pianist turned yogi composer, Zhenya has performed her compositions to great acclaim at several sold-out concerts in London, her music has been featured in the acclaimed BBC America series "Killing Eve" (starring Sandra Oh), the acclaimed British ITV series "Cold Feet", "Sticks and Stones" and "Close to Me").

It is nice to see the music of compatriots.

The composition is a tender piano piece performed by the hands of a virtuoso pianist. One can see that a lot of soul and labour has been put into the composition. Ukrainians in general are very musical people. They are distinguished by their musical taste, rhythms and vision of music in general. The composition "Prana" is ideal for relaxation, meditation and will create the most comfortable atmosphere for this. It will perfectly complement your playlist. We recommend it! Glory to Ukraine!

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