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Frerick den Haan "L'étranger": As picturesque as piano gets.

Before we enjoy some peaceful music, I would like to draw yours, dear reader, attention to the destructive, murderous evil unleashed by Putin on the free world. Ukraine is currently shielding the rest of the world with courage, but also - unfortunately - innocent blood. Blood of not only thousands of troops and grown civilians, but also infants - over 50 children dead and over 800 injured - to be more specific. We at MDWYS, encourage you to show all and any support you can, be it monetary or informative to our war-ridden brothers and sisters. Here are some links you may find useful:

Frerick den Haan is a Dutch pianist who's most elegant "L'étranger" will cater to each and every one of your piano cravings.

The piece waltzes in on its danceable three-count, soon beautified by the most charming of melodic efforts. Dynamically brilliant - by which I mean not too dramatic, but detailed yet - the piece captivates the listener right off the bat and keeps you in its picturesquely French-esque domain for its entire duration.

Let it brighten up your room:


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