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Frerick den Haan "Knightsbridge": Music in the hands of a professional.

Introducing a piece of music by Frerick den Haan entitled "Knightsbridge".

This is the first part of his London tetralogy, covering 4 neighbourhoods of this intriguing city. As the author himself says: "Something between neoclassical, chamber pop and indie".

It is indeed an unusual and very interesting work. It features piano, strings and even background vocals. Such a rich arrangement can't help but please and delight us, the listeners, one can only wonder about the scale of the work done. The composition turns out to be rich and varied, it develops during all two minutes of the timing. We are sure that you won't get bored with it from the first time, and you will have to listen to "Knightsbridge" repeatedly!

Follow the link on Spotify and enjoy the track "Knightsbridge":


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