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Frerick den Haan "Book of Symbols": Atmospheric classical piano.

The classically trained pianist Frerick den Haan comes to us from The Hague with a new work, "Book of Symbols". His solo work is characterised by an exploration of the piano and its gradual melancholy, capturing the quiet places he finds in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He works in his bedroom studio, where he places two microphones next to the piano and simply presses "record". These nocturnal recordings near the seaside reduce his experiences to their pure essence: sound.

An incredibly refined piece in triangular rhythm. Frerick den Haan as composer and performer demonstrates a high level of playing and composing skills. Over the course of two and a half minutes the piece develops, and at the end it returns to what it was at the beginning, but sets us up for the end of the story. The picture creates a truly peaceful and homely atmosphere. I highly recommend listening to "Book of Symbols" and it will improve your playlist.

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