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Frederik Flach "Waiting for May": A pianist we know and adore

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Frederik Flach is a Danish neoclassical name we are not only familiar with by now, but are always delighted to see returning. His moving piano compositions are no short of a treat, as is his recent release entitled "Waiting For May".

Without hesitation the composer takes us right into the melody, one which hints a bit of Coldplay's "The Scientist", but is essentially not the same at all. Resting on simple, elegant accompaniment, the melody follows its lovable course, carefully elaborating with heaps of intimacy under every press of a key. Played with hands as light as feathers, the pianist effortlessly evokes pure calmness within the listener, all the while somehow managing to infuse this tranquil piece with nerve.

Listen to this delightfully soothing piano charmer below:


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