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Francois Mathian x Lena Matienko "Frozen Clouds": Pure elegance.

Lena Matienko and Francois Mathian and their recently released "Frozen Clouds" is a gem in the neoclassical genre we are delighted to present to you today, in all its glory and elegance.

Written for piano and violin, the music takes of already well above the ground and slowly continues to ascend into a horizon of liberty and grandeur. Past the brief first movement, the theme changes elegantly into a more dramatic tone, expanding the core and with it - the story it's telling. Masterfully arranged piano and violins work together in the most captivating of ways to produce a piece that is bound to take you in, move you all through its infinite sky and then safely deploy you back onto the ground - liberated and in awe.

Enjoy this mighty fine piece of neoclassical music at the link below:


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