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Franco Bochicchio ''Awakening'' - a nerve-wrecking beauty

Franco Bochicchio is an Italian pianist/composer who has recently released a moving piece of piano music entitled ''Awakening''.

Be it a day, or an idea that the music awakens to, it's spirit is light to begin with. However, past the first few bars, as if faced with heavy realizations, the piece invites darker tones, presenting within itself a heavy-hearted thinker. Gracefully moving forward, the composer allows the bars to be delayed, giving each of them a thought before moving on to the next one - a sign of maturity. The music then recalls the light once more with a blissful thematic change, only soon to return to the more demanding reality at hand.

Thoughtful and true to itself. Enjoy:

Find the song in our spotify playlist as well right here:


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