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Francisco Casarotti "Against All Odds": A sensitive piano with the hands of a master.

Composition "Against All Odds" Francisco Casarotti is a self-taught pianist and composer living in Montreal, Quebec. Originally from Argentina, he moved to Canada with his family at the age of 12. He started making music at an early age, playing guitar and drums on his own. It wasn't until he was 18 that he discovered the piano and fell in love with its beautiful sound. It quickly became his favourite instrument.

This is a good, quality piano piece, created by the truly musical hands of a man who genuinely loves his work. You can feel it in every note and chord. The composition has a properly structured dramaturgy, it has an introduction, climax and denouement, each part is unique but carries a unified plot. Francisco Casarotti's composing skills are top-notch, as is his mastery of the instrument. He seems to merge with the piano into a single whole, his hands are an extension of the instrument. The composition has a beautiful melody, memorable and thought-provoking, and its light melancholy leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

"Against All Odds" will be a great addition to your piano music playlist:


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