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Francesca Guccione" On Liquid Stones": The art of building a song

This year, Sicilian artist Francesca Guccione released her first full album 'Muqataea', today we are taking a look at 'On Liquid Stones', one of the 8 songs thereof.

The piece opens with a simple descending motif. There is a stern vibe to it, almost mechanic, a testament to Francesca's impeccable technique. Everything opens up from here; the melody line repeats itself, and becomes the solid foundation for the rest of the piece. Although with every repetition another layer is added on top. The driving force of all the fast-paced violins are complemented with long strokes of the bow, creating a strange sense of weightlessness and urgency at the same time. Beautifully dreamy and completely serious.

This song should be put on the speakers with a focused mind and a glass of wine. Let Francesca draw you in as you walk down the steps of her sonic landscape. One layer at a time.

Listen here:



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