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Fotgjengeren "მიყრუებულ სოფელში": A chant to universe at large

While we can never get enough of piano, orchestral or otherwise ambient music, one of the reasons we are passionate about our blog is most certainly the occasional Georgian chant we come across, because my god are they something out of this world. Fotgjengeren, an American artist, gives us just that and then some in his recent release "მიყრუებულ სოფელში" (Google translate: in a desolate village (Georgian)).

I'll be honest with you, I've put the song on repeat some half an hour ago and have been floating on it's drone vocals ever since. As I'm writing this, I am both blessed and possessed, humbled but also divinely enlightened, my body levitating while I'm hitting the keyboard mesmerized. The piece delivers everything one may look for in a Georgian chant and then ventures deeper into it's own infinity with Mongolian throat singing. They say sound doesn't travel in outer space, but I'll be damned - this must be how the universe sounds.

Do indulge in this rare, mystifying musical monument. Here's "მიყრუებულ სოფელში":


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