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Folkatron Sessions "Coachman's Cottage": A divine cello endeavor

Folkatron Sessions is a neoclassical project from UK who's recently released "Coachman's Cottage" is a cello driven neoclassical stunner we are delighted to share with you today.

Taking off on glowing ambient synth drones, the creators of this track made sure to set the stage before introducing the main act, namely the cello. With it's entry, the richness of the experience becomes evident - the most captivating of melodies delivered with heaps and loads of pure emotion. Resolving beautifully from top to down on a major scale the melodic element hints classical, folk and Celtic while remaining original and true at all times. Further accentuated with more strings and most wondrous deviations into a minor key, the composition has by now proven to be a monumental one in the genre of neoclassical.

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