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FLOW x Will Ackerman x Fiona Joy Hawkins x Jeff Oster x Lawrence Blatt ''Promise'': Pure class.

A neoclassical supergroup FLOW with well-renowned members from USA and Australia brings us the most elegant, memorable and crisp piece of music entitled ''Promise''.

Written for acoustic guitars, flugelhorn, piano, vocal, percussion and delivered by Will Ackerman, Fiona Joy, Jeff Oster & Lawrence Blatt, the composition is - as one would expect with such names on the bill - no short of brilliant. With acoustic guitar on the forefront in the beginning of the track playing a cinematic, fingerpicked chord progression, the composition is soon joined by other instruments - each contributing a vital element to the rich musical experience at hand (or in ear, if you must). Breaking up for a mid-section, the acoustic guitars solo-in a contemplative duet with undertones of oriental music, then - to our hearts content - the musicians pick up the groove again with all instruments working together in the most delightful and seamless of ways, complete with added percussion gracefully lifting the dynamic progression of this wonderful musical child.

Doesn't get much smoother than this, dear readers. We can't to hear more from this supergroup, but for now here's ''Promise'':


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