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Floraleda Sacchi ''On a Misty Horizon'' - a weeping neoclassical beauty

Floraleda Sacchi is a musician, composer and producer who creates her own musical world blending acoustic harp and electronics, classical, minimal and pop. Her recent musical endeavor is entitled ''On A Misty Horizon'' is an original and cinematic piece of neoclassical soaked in beauty and melancholy.

With acoustic harp leading in on heavy-hearted, dramatic notes, the composition is soon joined by the most mesmerizing, weeping cello. Both instruments are played with so much nerve and intensity it is bound to get your heart rate up, all the while your ears will ease into the masterful beauty of the music. The two instruments continue to swing in it's soul-stirring domain, eventually reaching a climax, dynamically and melodically enriching the piece to an emotional extreme, leaving the listener breathless for a second before leading out on a slightly less demanding note.

This here is what we call a masterpiece, enjoy responsibly:

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