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Fiona Joy Hawking ''Calling County Clare'' - high spirited eclectic folk

Coming out of Australia, Fiona Joy Hawking is a well-renowned pianist and composer, who even earned herself a title of 'The Piano Angel' while touring in China. Her recent release ''Calling County Clare'' is a high spirited symphony serenading hope and goodness.

With chords swinging around a solid western/folk pattern, the composition features two soloing instruments: a guitar and what sounds like a pan flute. The music is beautiful in it's undemanding presence, not trying to be anything else than it's god given natural virtues. With sweeps of choir and an ongoing gentle beat the song keeps a steady direction forward, while the flute and the guitar are swapping the soul-sweeping lead.

Immersive, undemanding and simply beautiful, check out this lovely treat from Australia at the link below:


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