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Finnek ''Rain'' - a masterful orchestral arrangement

Finnek, who has recently premiered on our blog, returns with another neoclassical gem from his album ''Origins'', named ''Rain''.

Having exhibited vast orchestral compositional abilities already, Finnek has left us with big expectation for hearing the new track, which were met and exceeded. Cinematic down to it's core the music makes great use of dynamics, starting off quietly and slowly ascending on a crescendo with it's raindrop-like piano notes and a distant string section lurking in like a far, but plentiful cloud. When the rain finally arrives upon us, it is welcomed with grace and relief, refreshing the life and soaking you in the warmest, kindest of showers. Ever evolving, the storm reaches a pretty high peak, then retreats, leaving us wet and happy about it.

Beautifully orchestrated, alive and original, here it is:


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