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Fil Uno "Fragancia": Cello and double bass duet

Introducing composer Fil Uno and his musical masterpiece titled "Fragancia". 

Fil Uno emerged on the music scene in late 2016, the year of the deaths of Prince and Bowie, with his groundbreaking album Violonchelo Solo, which challenged the traditional relationship between listener and instrument, infusing it with a new sense of physicality and sensuality. The record earned praise from such luminaries as Mario Breuer, known for his work with Charly Garcia and Spinetta, and was released as a numbered edition, quickly selling out and reissued twice on CD, marking a significant debut for the Peruvian composer.

In the composition "Fragancia" we hear a very interesting combination of double bass and cello. This magic of sounds is mesmerising from the first notes. The melody is like a dance of two souls harmoniously intertwining in a beautiful union of sounds and emotions. These instruments seem to talk to each other, revealing to us deep feelings and experiences. 

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