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Fervorvore ''Followed by Petrichor'' - beyond immersive ambient music

Fervorvore is a Canadian ambient/drone producer who has caught our attention with a beautifully produced, picturesque release entitled ''Followed By Petrichor''.

Resting on mesmerizing synth drones, the track begins somewhat eerie, although not frightening. It feels like waking up in a strange, somewhat darkened place, unaware of how we got here. From that place, the listener is soon shown small glimpses of light represented in angelic high pitched drones as well as distant piano notes. Still somewhat disoriented, we begin to make our way toward the ever evolving light - our safest bet for survival. Consistent in its vibe, the track immerses you in its imaginative intent, then gently fades away, leaving you pondering upon the ending of the story.

Produced at the highest level and madly immersive, watch out:


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