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Felix Reuter "Erinnerungen an Ludwig": A fresh, running stream of neoclassical piano.

Germany is known to produce a steady flow of proper, high-end neoclassical music and Felix Reuter with his recently released "Erinnerungen an Ludwig" is one of many great examples to that pattern.

Written around a classical core with elements of pop/cinematic, the piano piece instantaneously sweeps the listener of their feet into what feels like a running stream of fresh water. Running downstream at a steady slope, the music makes a number of elegant turns into finely placed elaborations, then returns to its original form ever so effortlessly. Abundant in dynamics, the pianist makes the best of rubato, crescendo and diminuendo, masterfully placing them without any excess along the flawless delivery of this beautiful piece.

Widely appealing and extra fresh, here's "Erinnerungen an Ludwig":


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