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Felix Bornholdt "Rosie's Glorious Return to the Pool": A great debut in neoclassical music.

Felix Bornholdt's debut single is "Rosie's Glorious Return to the Pool". Felix is a pianist and composer living and creating music in the South Pacific. Born in New Zealand, he moved to Australia in 2014 where he studied jazz piano and at the same time joined the Australian pop group Lime Cordiale.

This work is clearly written with great love for piano music and the instrument itself. Its graceful and flowing narrative is moving and delightful. The author demonstrates not only a knowledge of composition, but also a serious approach to making music, its quality and interest to the listener. Even though the composition is almost 5 minutes long, it won't let you get bored for a second, constantly introducing new nuances and compositions. "Rosie's Glorious Return to the Pool" is a unique and contemplative piece that beckons for repeated listens, allowing you to digest and love every layer. With a debut release like this, it's a bid to rank high in the world of neo-classical music.

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