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Fabien Levy-Strauss ''Solinne au crépuscule'': a piano monument

Fabien Levy-Strauss is a French pianist/composer who's recent release ''Solinne au crépuscule'' is a beautifully elegant and complex tribute to the giants of the classical piano genre.

Taking from Debussy, Satie as well as Chopin, the piece waltzes is on a melody that's both familiar, as well as peculiarly strange. Having made its somewhat eerie introduction, the composition unfolds its wings into the second movement - fast paced and soaked in sonic rays of the sunshine. Now with duality of the piece exposed the listener, the composer takes the composition back into its contemplative element, then runs off in to dance in the sun once more. Dynamically rich, the piece is beautified with significant amounts of crescendo, diminuendo, rubato and ritardando - all well balanced and appropriately placed along this elaborate, playful and unpredictable piano composition.

A stunning tribute to the predecessors of the neoclassical genre, let it move you:


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